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5 golden keys

to say "goodbye!" to stage fright


1. How brilliance begins in your gut

2. How you induce calmness through breathing

3. How to win the battle in your head

4. How to eliminate stress through focus

5. How to create a perfect performance run-up

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1. How brilliance begins in your gut


What  does   your gut have  to   do  with  stage  fright?   More  than you  may  think!   Ever  had  butterflies  in  your  stomach  before  going on   stage ?   Stage  fright   directly  affects  the  gut:   an   ongoing  two-way  communication  takes  place  between  your  brain  and  your gut. Your gut produces 90 %   of  all  serotonin  and   50 %  of  dopamine  in  your  body.    We   have  roughly   about  a  100 Million  neurons in  our gut.  That  explains  why  we  have  gut  feelings,   stage fright being just one of them.

Our  gut   is  a  very complex  organ system,  responsible for about 70% of  our immune system.   The intelligence behind  the  numerous  tasks our  gut  performs  daily  is  not  our  own.  It  resides  on  the  genes  of trillions  of  gut  bacteria,  collectively  known  as  our microbiome. A well-balanced microbiome  is therefore the best starting point for  overcoming stage fright.  The challenge though  is that many factors of modern life threaten that balance.  So,  this  key  looks  at how to improve the  diversity and balance of your microbiome. It’s the foundationn on which the other four  secrets  will  unfold  their  magic.


“To build a good house you need a solid foundation. The foundation for conquering stage fright is your gut. Without good gut balance it is difficult to even get into the starting blocks, because the very foundation of everything you do will be shaky.”

2. How to induce calmness through breathing

Breathing is a gate to consciousness. There  are  numerous  techniques that all lead to different outcomes. This is a perfect example, where modern science from the West corroborates ancient wisdom from the East. From a scientific perspective, three substances play a key role here: oxygen (O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO).

The discovery of the role of nitric oxide led to a Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998. The special breathing technique that we use in connection with performing on stage uses that discovery. Contrary to popular belief, the classic instruction of “taking deep breaths” does not lead to better tissue oxygenation.  The power of the method we use here is that it enables you to keep your autonomic nervous system operating in the parasympathetic mode.

This brings a whole host of advantages. First of all, you can remain calm under even the most taxing circumstances. Secondly, it improves motor control and memory recall. This is significant as memory tends to suffer, as soon as you experience stage fright.

“Sages of all ages have made use of breathing. The beauty is you can practise it anywhere, anytime and once it has become internalized, it doesn’t require any effort. Breathing is therefore a mighty tool to induce calmness and control your stage  fright at will.”

3. How to win the battle in your head


Your mindframe  plays  a huge role in everything you do.  From  a very young age  paradigms  form  in the  back  of our mind.   They set the scene and determine how we see   ourselves and how we feel  about our innate potential.

In this section you will learn 4 things:

  1. To transform negative thinking-patterns into positive ones
  2. How you can benefit from the huge power of your subconscious mind
  3. What you can do to turn past negative experiences on stage into a springboard for development.
  4. How to integrate performing on stage with the purpose of your life.

The outcome of this is a new persona on stage that will enable you to go forward. It will let you set your sights on new career horizons.


“Most of us have been imbued with a culture of limitation. Because of that, we carry a lot of darkness in us. Traumatic childhood experiences are a matter that requires the input of specialists. But for all else the following holds true: if you want to improve your mindframe, turn towards the light. Light dispels darkness. Remember: where energy goes, energy grows!”

4. How to eliminate stress through focus


Focus  is  what  naturally  occurs, when one can blend out all distractions. Our modern-day life constantly bombards us with sensory stimuli. Nothing is therefore harder than to be with all one’s awareness in the present moment and remain there.   

The tool we use to achieve this is an ancient technique that is strikingly simple, yet very effective. What makes it so easy to use, is the fact that it works with body awareness. Being able to reduce  the  ongoing chatter of the  monkey  in the head brings big benefits. It greatly reduces our levels of stress and anxiety. 

Most of the stress we experience in life does not stem from  our  workload or our circumstances.  Stress  occurs when our mind tends to wander off and is anywhere  but in  the present.  Focused attention in the present moment therefore  is a perfect antidote to stage fright.  Last but not least, focus lets us enter into silence, which is the birthplace of all music.

“Happiness often depends on one thing: how much time do we spend with our awareness in the present moment? Controlling the mind can be a daunting challenge. To direct the focus inward and to observe the changes in our body, is the easiest way to achieve this. Stage fright cannot have a hold over us, when we anchor our awareness in the present moment.”

5. How to create a perfect performance run-up

Once you got the above golden keys under your belt and working for you, you are ready for the most important thing that will decide on everything: what you do in the run-up to the performance

Nothing has a bigger impact on your ability to pull of a great success than this. Get this one wrong and everything else you did, all your preparation, all the practising was for the birds.

Of course, you already have your own routines that work for you, at least to some degree. But here is the point: no matter how you have approached it so far, with science you will be able to go so much further.

In golden key 1 we looked into nutrition and how you can use it to optimize your gut balance. That provides you with a solid foundation. But in this section we will discover what you need to eat when, to make sure that your mind and mood will be in the perfect condition at the time of the performance. Sometimes it might be a case of raising your alertness. More often it will be a case of shifting down a gear, so that you have better focus and are more in control. Both these states require specific neurotransmitters and they will be present in your blood, if you eat the right thing and the right time.

What steps can you take to  further boost your memory recall? What mineral do you need for dismantling excess adrenaline, so that you don’t suffer from trembling?

And maybe the most important thing is that all of this will be achieved in a natural way without you having to take any harmful substances. This can open the door to a long and healthy career.

“You can either do things the hard way, or you can do them the smart way. Hard is to take years of experimenting through trial-and-error to work out what works for you. By the time you get there, you might not be on stage anymore! Smart is to learn what governs the physiology of peak performance, so you can get it right straight out of the box and rely on it each and every time you perform!

Master the science that makes peak performances predictable


The 5 golden keys that make up the “How to conquer stage fright” system are here for a reason.

As a young musician I had career potential, but stage fright compromised that potential. In those days, I used various relaxation techniques to remedy that situation. The success was mixed. I also looked around to see what kind of solutions the market offered. Nearly every solution I found looked at the issue from a psychological perspective. The psychology is extremely important. But just like the relaxation techniques …it doesn’t cover the whole picture.

Many years later, my activities as a sports coach brought me a very valuable realisation: excellence in any field is the result of the optimization of all parameters. And that is the underlying philosophy of the “How to conquer stage fright” system. Although these keys are easy to implement, the wisdom behind them is profound.  

My good fortune was that I could function as a bridge between two cultures. My life path took me on a unique journey that gave me the tools to discover these keys  (check about). They work synergistically to solve the challenge of stage fright on all levels for anyone who might suffer from it.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this system works. It lets you take the guesswork out of performing, making the delivery of peak performances totally PREDICTABLE!

Pairing intuition with science produces brilliance

How you can implement the “goodbye stage fright” system

Frequently asked questions

This system is unrivaled in its broad based approach and efficacy. However, new scientific discoveries could lead to further fine-tuning and/or additions. The best thing for you is that once you have gone through the program, you will be entitled to all future updates.

No. To give you an example, in my first performance after an absence from the stage of 29 years, I only had developed the 4th and 5th key. Still, I experienced freedom on stage in a way I’d never thought possible. The reason why the  program uses 5 keys is that it must work for any performer.  Regardless of your background and circumstances, it will work, no matter what challenge you face. We do strongly recommend though that you carefully study all the modules, because when it’s about your career, only the best is good enough.

Scheduling restraints permitting, you can combine the online webinar and the live seminar with the 1-on-1 live and online coaching. This flexibility further enhances its power and efficacy.

Some elements will typically yield first noticeable benefits within 2 days (e.g. the breathing). Others will need a little more time to start taking effect. With proper application, noticeable improvements should occur within 3 to 4 weeks. Usually though the benefits will continue to grow over a period of 6 months.

Once you have gone through the program, an initial input of just 15 minutes/per day will typically produce very nice results. Once internalized, the system will hardly require any time at all.

No, it will work for anyone who needs to be able to do well on stage. These 4 options were developed with the professional musician in mind, where the stakes are high. But they will work equally well in an amateur setting. Moreover, it will also work for business people or for anyone who needs to speak in public.

The 5 factor equation of performing arts

(talent + diligence + good coaching + good instrument) x STAGE PRESENCE = PERFORMANCE QUALITY


It is clear…without talent you cannot be a musician. And if you are talented, you need to pair that with diligence. Both of these factors usually attract good coaching by a competent teacher. Finally, all of that needs a good instrument for the music to come to life. So far so good.

That in itself does not automatically result in a brilliant performance. There is one factor that decides everything: stage presence.

The importance of stage presence:

I would like to illustrate this with a simple analogy. Engineers can fine-tune the engine of a race car until it has amazing power. Designers can reduce the drag coefficient of the bodywork through super sleek design. Countless details can be optimized ad infinitum. But at the end of the day, the car also needs the right tyres to put that power on the road. Otherwise, all the tinkering will be meaningless. The rubber finally decides everything!

When it comes to performing, stage presence is the one factor that decides everything. Just like with the tyres of the race car, it defines the outcome. If you don’t master this, stage fright can destroy the fruits of your hard labor.

When stage fright drops to 0%, stage presence can rise to 100%. This means that you are able to fully deliver on stage what you are capable of in practice. But it doesn’t stop there: the attention of the audience can give your playing such a boost, that the performance becomes pure magic. The true goal of this program lies in this magic. The conditio sine qua non for that though, is that stage fright has completely vanished.



This section looks into the wonderful journey that went into creating the “How to conquer stage fright” system. As a professional Qigong teacher I have specialized over the last 15 years in connecting the ancient wisdom from the East with findings from holistic research in the West. I was convinced that this would yield new treasures of the mind. The “how to conquer stage fright” system is such a treasure. However, it would never have been possible without my background in music.

How it all began…

I was 6 when I started to play the piano and knew early I was going to be a pianist. I loved it…except for one thing: stage fright was hampering me a lot. So, at some stage I took up conducting. I studied in Germany and conducted for 7 years in German theatres until I moved to South Africa. There I worked in sales and marketing. In those days I was an avid runner and was extremely fit. One day, I discovered Qigong. I realized that  a long, healthy life was even higher on my list than the extreme fitness from running. So I started practising and later became a professional Qigong teacher.

I was successful at everything I did. But I could never understand what my life was all about. One day though, it all became clear.  I hadn’t come here to be a pianist, conductor, sales manager or qigong teacher. But all of that was necessary to prepare me for my ultimate purpose  in this life: 

To develop a comprehensive system
that lets musicians  overcome stagefright, so they can really shine, when sharing their gift of music.


An effortless solution:

After 9 months of feverish preparation, it was finally here…an effortless solution to stage fright, second to none. How do I know it works? After not having performed as a pianist for 29 years, I accepted an invitation to play Brahms Piano Quintet. Then and there I experienced freedom on stage in a way I’d never thought possible! I subsequently went on to perform other major works, all with the same ease and confidence. It’s nice for me to have this now, but it can’t rewind my career. But for you as a talented young musician, it can mean everything. It can make the difference between a life in the province and an international career. The long and winding road was truly worth it, if at the end, it empowers you to do one thing:

 Go for your dream and discover your brilliance on stage

Tell us about your challenge!

Communication is everything!  The   1-on-1  live  and  1-on-1  online  options are available immediately. Just drop us a line and tell us what you are looking for.  If you would like to organize a 1-day seminar  at your institution, send us some possible dates.  We  will  come back  to  you  with  more  info.  Webinar dates will be posted shortly.

The “goodbye stage fright” system is  a  state-of-the-art  solution. We designed it to let musicians unlock their full potential on stage. As a dynamic system, it continues  to  evolve. On the one hand, it will incorporate new breakthroughs in various scientific fields. On the other hand, it evolves through input and feedback from musicians all over the world.   That’s why we cherish your input and  would  love  to  hear  from  you. This helps us to further fine-tune the system in a never ending quest for perfection.  Let  us  know  what your challenge consists of and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Finally, we want to reassure you  that we will only use your data  for the purpose intended here. We hate spam and will never share your data with a third party.good